Our services


Your documents are kept in a climate-controlled environment that protects documents from signs of aging and damage.
We also organize the documents in a controlled space that helps the organizations to locate and retrieve required records easily. That will help your organization to unload large amounts of physical documents.

Our facilities of 2.000 s.q.m are designed to accommodate individual project-based processes of Storage taking place in secure access-controlled areas. Our state-of-the-art warehouse is fully compliant with the Fire Department Regulations and the EU Regulation Νο 305/2011 regarding fire protection. The boxes are placed on pallets which are nylon wrapped and then are placed on custom-made shelves which can only be accessed by our warehouse lifting truck. The base of the Secure Storage Services is our 9 ISO Certifications

Scanning Process of the physical documents includes the:
  • Preparation of the file’s content for scanning and digitization.
  • The files (size from POS receipt to Α0) are scanned in modern technology scanners.
Every scanned document consists of a separate electronic document and all the electronic documents are consisting the electronic file. Once we finish the scanning process, we:
  • Register and import the metadata.
  • Replace the physical folder with the scanned pages.
For the scanning process, we have an experienced and well-trained staff who following all the rules of secure digitalization (use of gloves, protection of the material, quality control, etc.) The base of the Secure Digitalization of physical documents is our 9 ISO Certifications.



Scanning Process of the audiovisual files includes the digitalization for:
• The VHS cassettes and voice cassettes, for these files we are using VHR devices, in order to convert them to MP4 or MP5 format.
• The CDS or DVDS, for these files we are using DVR devices with adapters.
• The floppy disks, for these files we are using a floppy adapter.
After the digitization process, we transfer them to our specially designed platform. In this platform there is a media library in which is creating a user’s profile, where the client can download and preview all the files at any time.
The base of the Secure Digitalization for audiovisual files is our 9 ISO Certifications.

The TRH Portal System is a management system (RECORDS MANAGEMΕNT) with which the customer can:
• Monitor and manage his file 24/7.
• Monitor the progress of his project and the status that are all the files in their “life cycle” during their secure management.
• Add new folders, metadata and files.
• Have full view of the warehouse.
• Request to scan his file at any time by submitting to the “basket”, by click on Submit and his files are in the TRH Portal.
The base of the Secure Records Management is our 9 ISO Certifications.



Our company has the know-how so your highly sensitive or confidential files will be destroyed in the safest and fastest way. We are certified with Security Approval 5 & 6 (NATO approved) and we can provide your Organization with a Destruction Certificate as well.
The range of our knowledge and our experience in this field give us a unique benefit to assure you that your confidential information remains classified.
The base of the Secure Destruction is our 9 ISO Certifications.

The Records Hub S.A. goes beyond the traditional approach of employing silo solutions to build a comprehensive security posture for an organization.
With a clear vision of delivering “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital-Era” and solving the biggest cybersecurity challenges faced by digitization, our company leverages a fully automated platform empowering Enterprises and MSSPs to analyze operational security data, detect cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and respond to security incident threats in real-time.
Through the coalescence of Dynamic Threat Models, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with contextual and situational awareness, The Records Hub S.A. proactively surface threats that matter, as well as automatically contains and eliminates them in real time.



Following the implementation of Regulation 679/2016 (EU) of Personal Data Protection, we undertake the preparation and the implementation of the GDPR in order your Organization be fully compliant with the Regulation 679/2016 (EU) and deal with any incident of personal data breach and be well prepared to accept any control by the Personal Data Protection Authority. The General Data Protection Regulation is a new data privacy law that aims to protect and empower the rights of the EU citizens regarding how their personal data is used. The GDPR will strengthen individuals’ rights and will impact all organizations across the region processing and holding the personal data of data subjects residing in the EU, regardless of the company’s location.

We offer you certified DPO services. Our company consists of experienced staff, certified by the University of Mastricht (in the Netherlands), who can be designated as Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for:

  • Informing and advising the data processor for his obligations
  • Monitoring the compliance with the Regulation
  • Providing advice, when requested, on data protection impact assessment
  • Monitoring its implementation, cooperating with the supervisory authority and acting as a point of contact for issues related to the processing of personal data